Byzantine Garments for Churches & Monasteries


Clerical and Monastic Apparel for Bishops, Priests, Monks, and Nuns of the Orthodox Churches and Byzantine Rite
Greek and Russian styled: Inner Riasa, Andheri, Podriasnik Cassocks & Outer Riasa Exoraso & Mandyas monastic capes.

¤ Traditional styles
¤ Quality Craftsmanship
¤ Budget Prices
¤ Fast Service


For color catalog, send $5.00 to:

Monks and Nuns Habits
P.O. Box 475-333
San Francisco, Ca,. 94147-5333
Check payable to:
Paul Bernardino
Telephone us for faster service at Customer Service: (415) 412-6685 8am-11pm Pacific Time / Field Rep (831) 426-0337, 8 am -11pm Pacific Time. Leave your call back phone # And we will return your call if we are out.

Discount Sale:
$25 off all price categories of garments in cotton/poly, 100%Cotton, 100% Poly, poly/wool, 100% wool for the following clergy & monastic attire:
Sale: Inner Rasa/Anteri/Padryasnic/Cassock w/raised collar
Outer Rasa/Mandorrason/Riasa w/ lining down to waist
Outer Rasa w/ 7" wide black or red satin lining in cuffs & front vertical opening.
Mandyas pleated black monastic clergy cape, no hood
Epanokamelavkion black hood/veil w/two "wings": $10 off during Sale.
Analavios/Polystavrion, with or without decorative crosses: $25 off.
This big Sale for Orthodox clergy, monks and nuns includes: Free shipping in North America, free pockets.


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