To Order Garments Or Habits, You Must Complete Order Form Below

Please follow all rules & instructions carefully, otherwise it may cause delays.

TELEPHONE CALLS:  Telephone calls are the fastest & most convenient way to contact us instead of e-mail.  We welcome phone calls.  We do not take garment orders over the phone.  We do not make verbal contracts, promises or any kind of guarantees over the phone such as regarding garment/habit orders, shiping dates, schedules or altar or cancel, over the phone already existing written contracts, promises, guarantees, order form rules, instructions, etc; Only on our order form.  All our customers have prior understanding, herwith that they are not to, in any way misconstrue, misrepresent, or hold anything we say over the phone (Except in writting) as a contract, promise or guarantee reguarding their garment/habit order or its time, schedule, delivery or any deadline date.  Customers are to herein understand that they must write ALL such info on our order form; Not to be given or received over the telephone.  We are under NO obligation to recall, record or memorize anything or details customers give us over the phone; Please write everything on the order form. Please try to keep your phone calls per garment order to 15 min. max.

If a customer wants to talk with us for more than 15 minutes by phone, we will then ask them to send us their order within 7 days.  If a customer wants to keep phoning us over weeks and months about ordering; continues delaying ordering; please do not spring a "surprise" or "Last minute" rush order on us near your deadline date.  Order 2-3 months before your deadline for 3 or more habit sets.  Plan far ahead!

DISCOUNTS: Call & ask about our:
TWO DAY DISCOUNT: We can give you this if we receive your payment/order WITHIN two days from the day we quote you this discount by phone not by email; This discount ends 2 days latter, at 6 PM, Pacific Time, the close of the business day in our time zone; This is a bigger discount than the 7 day discount.
7 DAY DISCOUNT: We can give you this discount if we receive your payment WITHIN 7 days from the day we quote you this discount by phone not by email; This discount ends 7 days latter, (ncluding Saturday, Sunday & holidays at 6 PM, Pacific Time, the close of the business day in our time zone. After the above 2 Day or 7 day discount period, if we have not received your payment, nor your initiating a direct deposit or wire transfer or overnght express delivery, the garment(s) or habits(s) will go back up to our regular prices.

1.  Print-out this form.  Fill out all of this order form clearly and completely.  Do not write garment order sizes on your check.  Paul will leave cuffs on tunic sleeves unfinished for you to complete in your final, accurate fitting.  All measurements must be in feet and inches, not centimeters.

2.  Do not send your own separate re-drafted order form instead of this form or one from another company.  Please use the official Monks and Nuns Habits order form from the web or catalog; otherwise it may cause delays.

3.  For Fastest service & production, call Customer Service: (415) 412-6685 8am-11pm Pacific Time to get the unpublished Home address to mail or Fed-Ex directly.  Do not use more than one first name and one last name on order form and in phone calls.  It will cause confusion.

4.  If you see photos of garments on my web page or catalog that you want to order, you may send a print out including the number below the image, or your own photo.

5. Your payment method: We do not accept credit cards or Pay-Pal. Choose only one of the following: Check or money order sent via US mail, Fed-Ex or UPS, Bank direct deposit (no bank fee) or bank wire transfer. Call for details. Do not write a two party check; payable only to one party: Paul Bernardino.

6.  Exchange or return for refund within 30 days of receiving garment(s) or habit(s) provided they have not been used, damaged, soiled, and do not have cosmetic marks, body odor, or house pet hair, etc.  No refund or exchanges for garments made of fabric sent by customers.  No exchange or refund on non-traditional or short, modern style habits & certain liturgical vestments.

7.  If you are ordering more that 3 garments/habits at a time as a non-rush order, send order at least 2 months in advance.

8.  Any garment/habit orders over $100, exchange but no refund. 

9.  We sew and sell only custom tailored garments & habits.  We do mail order only, ie.  We ship only via U.S.  Postal Service, Fed-Ex or UPS.  We do not sew or sell garmants in "one size fits all".  You must write your sizes & all your info on our order form.  We do not make deliveries, house calls or pickups.We will try but cannot guarantee delivery within 7 days of a major holiday.  Order early to avoid the inevitable holiday delays.  Please follow all order form instructions.  We do not accept credit cards. We do NOT sew embroideries.

Quantity Description Garment Item(s) Information/Photo # Unit Price Amount


Franciscan Dominican Benedictine
Carmelite Cistercian Byzantine

Fabric Type:

 Cotton Poly  100% Poly  Poly/Wool
   100% Wool  100% Cotton  Other?
Stiff Crown Band Color:
Removable Outer Sleeves Color:
Removable Under Sleeves Color:
Handkerchief Thickness
Dress Shirt Thickness
Dress Suit Thickness
Denim Thickness
Blanket Thickness: add $30.00 per habit
Tunic: Scapular: Capuche: Cape: Top Veil: Under Veil:
Rasa: Coif: Wimple/Guimpe: Cuculla: Work Sleeves: Undergament:
(Total body height in feet & inches)      Height: Neck: Head:
Waist: Bust: Hips:
  Are you allergic to polyester?     yes     no     Other fabric allergy?
Shoulder Width:  Shoulder to Shoulder - Front (A-B in figure below)
Sleeve Length:  From Shoulder Joint to Wrist (A-C in figure below)
Vertical length in inches from shoulder joint/top of arm to bottom hem-line/ankle (B-D in figure below)
Hip Slits / Hand Access
Pockets: Add $5 Per Side hip pocket ____       $3 Per Chest Pocket ____
Hood:  Pointed    Round
Soft/No Lining
Semi-stiff Lining Add $3
Stiff Lining Add $5
Stiff, rolled hood: O.F.M. style: $20
 RUSH ORDER?   Yes    No 
Your street address is required for a rush order; Phone us first before a rush order.
If you NEED any garment/habit for a specific event or ceremony with a calendar deadline date, we URGE you to make this a RUSH ORDER -to help us speed up the whole process for you; If so, you must RUSH us your RUSH ORDER; Payment sent via bank direct deposit, wire transfer, Fed-Ex or UPS overnight express; Send completed order form to our unpublished street address Call us first for details.Your rush order perod includes weekdays:Monday thru Friday.;And EXCLUDES weekends & all major holidays; Your rush order perod starts clocking the weekday AFTER we receive your payment here.
Give garment deadline date: ___________________ Give ceremony, special event date: ___________________

Single piece, full length or almost full length
5 Days $100 @ $20 per day
7 Days $84 @ $12 per day
14 Days $42 @ $3 per day
30 Days $30 @ $1 per day
Multi-piece garment set, full length or almost full length
5 Days $150 @ $30 per day
7 Days $140 @ $20 per day
14 Days $70 @ $5 per day
30 Days $60 @ $2 per day

Your street address is required for rush order.  Phone us first, please, before rush order.

NON-RUSH ORDER?   Yes    No 
Allow 31 days-8 weeks or longer for multi-piece habit/garment sets. Make it a rush order if you need it sooner.

We are monastic tailoring specialists not an express delivery service. We can not be all things to all people; With your signature at end of order form, you herin have prior understanding that, as of 6-23-06, we will try our best but can NOT guarantee delivery on time for your stated deadline date for RUSH ORDER or NON-RUSH ORDER. Try to order 2-3 months before your deadline date. We do NOT ship RUSH ORDERS outside U.S.; Only non-rush orders outside USA.

U.S.A. Shipping - Call for details Canada Shipping - Call for details Overseas Shippings - Call for details
Shipping / Insurance: TOTAL COST:

All dimensions must be in feet and inches.

This will be our first price raise since we were founded as Monastery Garments in 1990 by Paul Bernardino, the most dedicated, professional monastic tailor you will ever have the pleasure of meeting or communicating with, and ordering authentic monastic habits & capes from.  We strive to fulfill your beautiful dream of truly authentic, traditional monastic habits & capes etc. of the Latin , Orthodox & Anglican Church traditions.  True monastic habit authenticity, quality & service is our goal.

Reminder about cuffs on tunics:  We leave cuffs uncuffed.  See instruction #1 above.  Check box whether you want us to design the cuffs to be  folded inward, or   folded outward.

Customer's Name, Address, Phone, etc.

Customer Name:
Ship to Address:
State, Zip Code, Country:
Phone: E-mail:

Send this form to - Monks and Nuns Habits,   PO Box 7284 Santa Cruz, California 95061 USA
Customer Service: (415) 412-6685 8am-11pm Pacific Time

The entire order form above must be completed correctly and clearly.  Failure to do so may cause delays of days or weeks.  Fabric substitution may be needed when an original fabric becomes unavailable.   For non rush orders, please allow 4-8 weeks or longer for production and delivery for single piece full length garments, and 4-10 weeks or longer during Oct., Nov, Dec.    Closed during all major holidays.  Order early to avoid the inevitable holiday season delays.   Read rush order instructions.  For non rush order multi piece habit/garment sets please allow 5-8 weeks or longer for production and delivery in U.S.  For faster service & production, upgrade to a rush order; please phone Paul (no e-mail) to get the unpublished Monks and Nuns Habits Home address.  Customer Service: (415) 412-6685 8am-11pm Pacific Time   Email: Website:   2016 Paul Bernardino

As a customer here ordering garments, I have been given to understand by verbal reminder from Monastery Garments, and as stated in the above paragraph/footnotes, that any non-rush order can possibly take 8 weeks or LONGER to finish and ship in the USA; And that such non-rush order delays are due to a number of factors including tailoring back log, power outage, over booked with orders including rush orders etc.I further understand that I can, at any time, upgrade any non-rush order to a RUSH ORDER by calling (TELEPHONE) Monastery Garments/Monks and Nuns Habits and sending the appropriate RUSH ORDER fee via US mail, direct deposit or overnight express etc. (Call us for details)
I have carefully read and will follow ALL order form instructions and foot notes above, including the additional order form instructions at How to Order
Signature_________________________________________________ Date__________________________________

Please do not send us duplicates of your completed order form(s) Send us only one completed order form per person to be outfitted.
Use a typewriter whenever possible when filling out the above order form. DO NOT use pencil or felt-tip marker of any color.
Please make your self or your rep. available by phone or email during the entire tailoring & shipping process.

Please give us email or telephone feedback about how the habit(s) or garment(s) all fit; And if they are to your full satisfaction.
The customer can, at any time, upgrade any non-rush order to a RUSH ORDER if your non rush order takes longer than originally thought.