Fall Sale On Monastic / Religious Habits & Capes
September 22 thru December

This Fall Sale includes: free shipping, free pockets, $20 - $50 off full habits and habit pieces, 48 hour discounts (Special discounts if we receive you order within 48 hrs. from the day we quote you a garment price by TELEPHONE-not by email), volume discounts.  We never charge tax.

We tailor & sell all year.

We ship anywhere in the world:  $20 shipping to outside of North America.

We specialize in monastic & religious habits of the Latin Rite, Eastern Orthodox, Byzantine Rite and Anglican Church traditions.

Prices depend on the type of fabric you want, published in column formation in the price lists on our Monk's, Nun's & Byzantine pages:  cotton/poly, 100% Poly, 100% Cotton, poly/wool, 100% wool.

After viewing our web site, call us to let us know what styles you are interested in.

Because there are so many monastic styles and color schemes in the Latin rite, Orthodox, Anglican & Byzantine Rites, please telephone us instead of e-mail for immediate (live on the phone) price quotes on your specifics and any accessories.

Discussions on monastic habits can get complex.  Therefore, telephone calls are the fastest & most convenient way to initially contact us instead of email about the many complexities and your specifics.

We will be happy to answer all your questions & specifics in a 2-5 minute telephone call.  If you cannot afford to call us, you may call us collect.  Or email us your phone # and we will call you anywhere in the world.

Call us for an immediate live voice:  Customer Service: (415) 412-6685 - 8am-11pm Pacific Time

We look forward to fulfilling your beautiful dream of a truly authentic, traditional monastic/religious habit in the Roman Catholic, Orthodox or Anglican traditions.  Tradition, authenticity, quality craftsmanship and service are our goals since our founding in 1990 in San Francisco.

e-mail: monks@monasterygarments.com
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