Laundry Instructions & Maintenence
For All custom Tailored Monks and Nuns Habits, Habits, Capes etc.

Never wash any custom made garments or habits in hot water
nor in any temperature drying machine.

Wash and Rinse water temp, per fabric

100% WoolWash and Rinse cold
Poly WoolWash, warm, Rinse cold
100% CottonCold water
100% Poly and cotton/polyWash warm, Rinse cold

  1. Dry clean only
    1. Wrinkle resistant
    2. Semi wrinkle resistant
    3. Wrinkles easily
  2. Dry clean only-Nuns veils with inner buckrumlining
  3. Machine wash in:
    1. Warm water
    2. Cold water
  4. Use no more than one table spoon of laundry soap per multi-piece habit set/full habit
  5. 100% Wool or Polyester/wool: Dry clean or wash w/Woolite or w/ one tablespoon of laundry soap
  6. Tumble rinse, hang dry, steam press, home iron press-medium temp.
  7. Pull-over garments/habits like tunics, scapulars, capuche etc.: Do not remove or pull garments/habits like tunic, scapular, capuche, alb, etc off from or at neck area or around neck. That could tear or damage the tailoring work & fabric. Pull off from sleeves, shoulder & waist area.

Do not dry any custom tailored garments & habits in any drying machine, in any temperature no matter what anyone advises.  Follow these well experienced instructions here. Drying machines in any temp. are bad for custom made garments; will shrink, damage and pull apart the delicate threads or fibers of any custom tailored garment.

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